Subscription Terms and Conditions

Subscription commencement date

Your subscription will commence immediately and you will receive content the next recorded artist that you have contributed to, which will depend on the timeline of the artists' project. For example, if the artist is nearing the end of his/her recording title, your first song received will be within the month a payment is processed provided it is released in that month; an artist starting his/her recording process may take a month before the first song is received.

Member Gifts

If you have chosen a subscription which entitles you to receive a physical gift the delivery period of your gift may depend on your choice of a monthly or yearly payment.

In the case of a Monthly payment you may receive your gift within 2-4 months after your first payment is processed.

In the case of a yearly payment option you may receive your gift within 2 months after your first payment is processed. 

Please note we do not hold responsibility for the delivery time, customs holds or additional costs of your gift as this may vary country to country.


Nash Records uses your details to fulfill your sponsorship subscription and to provide you with information regarding your magazine subscription. By providing Nash Records with your e-mail address when you subscribe, you agree that Nash Records may send you e-mails regarding our news updates on artists, as well as other Nash Records products, services, events and related information from selected companies. All email correspondence includes unsubscribe links to ensure that you do not receive information that you are not interested in.

Music Rights

As this is a sponsorship initiative the legal rights and creative rights to all music created will be managed and held by Nash Records Pty Ltd. No sponsor retains any creative or publishing rights to any music created. Nash Records will hold the artists' interests as a first priority.

Agreement and Cancellation

This contractual agreement term is for a 12 month period from date of first payment. The funds acquired are used to cover the costs deemed necessary by Nash Records Pty Ltd to pay for the artists' entire recording, publishing and creative process of their project. As funds come in Nash Records Pty Ltd allocates them to the process of benefiting the artists.

By agreeing to this contract you understand that you have made a commitment in fulfilling the 12 month period of payment and assistance to these artists. 

The Contract will be on an auto renewal process every 12 months. You may cancel your subscription any time after your initial 12 month period. However, Nash Records Pty Ltd will only issue a refund for the months in that 12 month period that have not yet occurred.


If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so within 30 days of payment. However, in the term of your subscription, a cancellation fee of $20 for monthly payments will be deducted from your refund payment and cancellation fee of $100 for yearly payments will be deducted from your refund payment. This fee covers the administration costs occurred for processing of refunds. We will refund your money by reimbursing your credit card or PayPal account. The method will be determined by your initial method of payment. Please note that it might take up to twenty working days for Nash Records to process the cancellation of an order, so refund payments can only be expected after this time. Further time delays can be expected depending on your initial Subscription Option, eg, Silver and Above may require cancelling gift delivery orders. Nash Records Pty Ltd reserves the right to change any pricing, product or offer without notice. Nash Records also has the right to charge an appropriate Administration Fee for the calculating and processing of subscription refunds.