From Musician to Rockstar

Rules and agreement

Agreement to join

By signing up for this competition you are agreeing to commit to the fulfillment of this competition. Should you win you agree to accept a contract with Nash Records if given the opportunity. You agree to the completion of the terms of this competition and give permission to Nash Records pty ltd to repost and share any content related to you.

Rules of competition

1. It is imperative that you complete all guidelines sent to you through your confirmation email. These directions assist us in giving our participants the best and most fair chance as well as our judges the best judgment.


2. The two songs submitted has to be a complete  original piece owned by the participant of the competition.

3. Regular and consistent posting and updates should be done. 

4. Response and communication between the participants and Nash Records is imperative.

5. Participants have to be available and attend interviews and during the competition period.

6. All competitors have to reside in Cape Town, South Africa.

7. Discrimination and shaming of other participants, companies and organizations are prohibited and can lead to prosecution.

8. Decisions made are final and Nash Records has all rights reserved in choosing the winner.


Competition closes 5 December 2018

Your time is now! Make it count.