From Musician to Rockstar


Q). Where do I sign up?


Q). Do I need to submit new music?

A: You do not have to create new songs to submit – but you can if you want to! Whether it’s 2 years or 2 weeks old, the only criteria is that songs have to be complete and 100% originally yours. If you submit an incomplete song, this will not be a good representation of you as an artist.

Q). How many songs do we need to submit?

A: Two is the minimum.

Q). Can we submit covers?

A). No, the songs must be your original creations. Covers and freestyle raps will not be accepted.

Q). How do I submit my music? Can I do it via email?

A: Please do not send your two songs in an email. Read below to see the whole process.

Q). So, what is the process and how do I succeed?

A: 1). First, you must follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (@nashrecords) and subscribe to our YouTube channel, so that we can see your posts and repost them on our own social media.

2). Make sure your @handle is your artist name so we know it's you - if your handle is not your artist name, please let us know so we can make a note. We will follow you back!

3). Before you post your song, you must post a 1 minute promotion video on Facebook and Instagram. We want this video to promote what both you and your music are about, and create a buzz around your song.

4). To ensure that we see this video, you must tag us and use the hashtags #FromMusicianToRockstar #NashRecords #NashRecordsCompetition #RecordDeal #iWillWin #Music

5). Next, post one of your two songs on Facebook and Instagram. Tag us and use the hashtags #FromMusicianToRockstar #NashRecords #NashRecordsCompetition #RecordDeal #iWillWin #Music #(YourArtistName)

6). Promote and share your music and videos with your friends and family, and ask them for support. We want to sign an artist who is already popular in their community, and has a following who wants to see them and their music succeed. The more they like, comment and share your post, the better your chances are of winning.

7). We are watching to see who tags us, uses the hashtags and follows all of our instructions. Remember, we are looking for artists who not only have talent, but show hard work and determination. Some competitors have already started promoting, which is exactly what we want!

8). The rest is up to you. Use your imagination and think outside the box - whatever you do to boost your chances of winning, go for it! Show us that you are dedicated and want to win!

Q). Are these steps really all necessary?

A: YES, all these steps are crucial. Failing to complete any one of them would result in us not considering you for the competition.

Q). Can I not just send you a demo?

A: NO, we will not be listening to any demos so do not send us any on social media. The only way to win a record deal with Nash Records in 2018 is to enter the competition.

Q): Do likes and shares ensure I win the competition?

A: No, but we want to sign an artist who is an effective self-promoter with a buzz around their music. In the music industry, self-promotion is extremely important in the early stages of an artist's career, so the more hype generated around your music, the more likely you are to be considered for the competition, as long as you also create good music of course. 

Q): Does my music have to be professionally produced when I submit it?

A: No, your music does not have to be professionally produced or recorded. Instead, you can upload a video of yourself performing your music to social media (but make sure to tag us and follow the guidelines set out above!)

Q): Do you accept entrants from outside Cape Town?

A: No, all entrants must be based in Cape Town and we will not consider those based elsewhere.

Q): What is meant by 'post an audition video promoting yourself'?

A: We want this video to promote what both you and your music are about, and create a buzz around your song.

Q): I'm unable to upload a video to Instagram and Facebook. Can I upload it to my YouTube channel, share it on my social media and tag Nash Records?

A: Yes, this is fine (just, again, make sure you tag us!)

Q). What genre do our songs have to be?

A: We accept any style and any genre.

Q). How old do I have to be to enter?

A: 18 years' old.

Q): Can groups enter?

A: Yes.

Q): What date does the competition close?

A: Wednesday 5th December 2018.