Program Agreement and Terms and Conditions


Forgotten Harmony shall meet the requirements of providing suitable accommodation for all interns during the course of their program. The accommodation will be of a very high standard and each intern will have access to high speed wifi, toilet and shower facilities. Each intern will have their own bed and fitted with hypo allergenic clean bedding. Depending on the group size of the program and the accommodations chosen interns can expect to share a room with two to three other interns. Please note that our accommodation is not a hostel and all services included are of a premium standard. Our accommodation choices are subject to availability of the accommodation partners and size of the group. For smaller group our accommodations are within the vicinity of the recording studio and are of the highest standard. Each accommodation has its own rules and restrictions and shall be discussed with the interns upon arrival.


Please note that Cape Town is undergoing a serious water crisis. Saving water initiatives are in place around the Western Cape and all interns are expected to adhere to these restrictions.


Please Note our interns are of the highest priority. They are treated as VIP guests whilst in our care and their safety is of our highest concern. All measure and rules put in place is to ensure the safety of our staff and interns alike and is compulsory that all members adhere to these rules. Nash Records holds no responsibility for any injury or damaged sustained to interns or intern’s property whilst on the program. The accommodation and studios are located in safe and secure locations and meet health and safety standards. Nash records will not be held liable for any misuse of property or irresponsible behaviour.


As a part of the package three high quality nutritious meals shall be provided daily during the intern’s program. Breakfast will be an assortment of self-serve breakfast options including coffee, juices, cereals, yoghurts, etc. Lunch will be a prepared meal or sandwich meal including soft drinks or juices. Dinner will be a prepared buffet style serving of an assortment of dishes including beverages. All food is prepared fresh daily by our partner catering companies. All dietary requirements can be met provided that interns notify us prior to their stay. Interns may choose to eat out on weekends or evenings and will have to notify staff beforehand. Please note that eating out is by choice and will not be covered in the program fee.


Please note that all food prepared is of the highest quality and standard and all dietry requirements are met with a professional standard. Nash Records will not be held liable for any conditions resulting from the consumption of food out of the program. If an intern fails to mention any food allergies or dietary restrictions beforehand Nash Records will not be held liable for any consequences.


Transport shall be provided during the interns stay. This includes transport to and from Cape Town International Airport. Transport to and from the studio where necessary. Two trips weekly to locations within the Cape Town region (provided they are not conspiring any illegal activities or to any dangerous locations). All transport is safe and secure and held by a private transport company. Nash Records ensures that all transport is safe, reliable and secure but holds no liability for any damage or injury sustained as a result of transport.

Intern Program

Nash Records hosts the Forgotten Harmony internship program and has hosted interns from around the world for years. The program has been designed to give the intern the most fulfilling learning and hands on working experience. During the program, it is guaranteed that the intern will undergo lessons on music production, music composition and music business. They will also be guaranteed to work on a music contract as well as work with an artist on their album or EP. They will have the opportunity to work on music business such as publicity, marketing, branding, management and sales. The studio is of the highest international standard and has state of the art equipment. Interns will have all necessary equipment and facilities to perform their duties. It is imperative that the interns participate fully and upon signing and agree to fulfil the duties given to them. Interns will have a selection of promotion items to purchase at the studios at their own discretion.

Agreement, Deposit and Fees

Upon signing up for the program the intern agrees to pay the full deposit and full fees associated to the program before arrival in the country. The deposit is non-refundable and covers all deposit charges for the accommodation, transport and food companies.  The deposit guarantees that the intern has a spot on the program and will be catered for.

The balance has to be paid before arrival or in cash on the day of arrival. The balance is subject to a full refund provided it is applied for within 30 days of payment and 15 working days before the interns start date otherwise a 50% refund maybe be provided up until program start date. Thereafter no refunds of any kind will be issued.

Upon Application, the applicant legally agrees to the payment and work commitment. Nash Records holds no liability to and loss, theft or damage to interns’ property or person. All interns are responsible for the damage or misuse of studio equipment.