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My artist name is Mentalien, i'm 22 years old. I was born on May 13, 1996 in the south of France. But the Earth is my home.

Music has been my language for 4 years. I started playing experimental techno with drums machines, synthesizers, at rave partys in Europe.

After this rewarding experience, i found myself, and i had the opportunity to travel to Canada, in Montreal.

I went to 2 music schools, one to learn MAO production, and the other the emotion of music (recording, mixing, mastering).

During these 2 years at music school, i was able to meet several artists with a same motivation. Marvin Caleb, Lewild23, RJ and Ludogee. We always work together.

I don't want to be the best, i want to be the most different.

I think music can have a huge impact on humans. So for me, who want to save the world, music is a good start.

I don't want to be a musician, otherwise i will stop at music. I want to be a Mentalien ! A sponge !

One life, so i have to do as much i can, in differents areas.

The music will help me to propel myself, but i can already see myself afterwards.

I love science, space, and the history of my planet.

In 10 years where do i see myself ?

The morning i make the world dance to the rythm of a positiv energy and the afternoon, i try to solve formulas from quantum science, which Einstein did not solve with my friend Bredle.

My name is Mentalien, thank you for reading.

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