Join date: Jan 10, 2019

I grew up playing mostly classical stuff. In 2004 I had my first violin lessons, in 2006 I started playling the piano. Moreover, I try to teach myself drums and the blues Harp. My biggest motivation for this is the happiness you can spread in yourself and other people while makeing music - it means absolutely a lot for me and i had some of the best moments in my life being on stage with people I really love and writing songs with my best freinds. Threw the years I met many interisting people because of the music and we founded a lot of different band projects – anything between acoustic pop to synthie Rock. From the first moment I ever walked into a music studio, I was 15 and playing the Keys, I knew that I really wanted this to be an even bigger part of my life. The atmosphere just blew my mind.

Since these days a bunch of things happened. In 2018, the band I joined in 2017 just signed a contract with „Inspirit Music“ and we published a few songs on Spotify and Itunes. Furthermore, I spend many time writing arrangements and compositions for choir and piano. I learned how to write music, but my production skills could be way better. This is why I want to work with Nash. I´m here to learn things like creating new Sounds, building a good beat, putting it all together. I hope that I will be a good part of the Team, see the daily workflow and especially to get involved in the production process. This is a great place to be.

Lennart Büchner
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