Join date: Jan 10, 2019

Music is the language I’m most fluent in. I guess my English is on point too but when I put on my headphones, the world around me changes. I started my project on the 7th of January and end on the 20th.

Originally from Brooklyn NYC, I realized my connection with it from the age of 10. From there on, I join the choir. One of my best and worst qualities is my competitiveness. It derives from the long hours my pops committed towards training my younger brother to pursue basketball in college. I didn’t love the sport but who like to lose to their younger brother in anything.

I did my my best to combine my athletic work ethic into choir practice. I eventually fell in love with singing and the art of performance. Being part of the Grace Church Choir gave me the opportunity sing at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Ukahashi Japan and Even Saint Paula Cathedral in England. Once I got to college at Susquehanna University, I decided to pursue marketing and minor in music. In 2017, I decided music would be my profession and my way to contribute good vibes to the world. I wanted to help others get through emotional struggles and the best way I knew to do that was to put my heart in my tracks. Whether I’m rapping, producing or signing, I give it my all, sometimes for the self satisfaction but mostly just share my thoughts with other people without the fear of getting judged. I want this more than money and so more than the fame. It’s all about the irreplaceable feeling gained from connecting to real fans who understand the struggles we all face but also bringing that feeling to life through the right beats and melodies.

Isayah Young-Burke
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