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ahh, in that case I have no idea how to do it. i don't see's-c' in your video OerHeks, yes, it does, however it is not included in the list of the supported apps. oh right, i see OerHeks, do you see anything out of ordinary in the list of apps that should be supported? no, i think you are doing it wrong OerHeks, what do you mean? you said you downloaded 3 packages, so that is probably a standalone program OerHeks, yes, I'm trying to do it with the command line. OerHeks, I'm just trying to understand what I'm doing wrong. package name kdewebdev-kde4-apps-software-properties-kde4.. but i don't know the current name OerHeks, I'm trying to install the s-c package. OerHeks, I'll do a fresh install to reinstall it. OerHeks, I'd be grateful if you could help me with that. i don't know if you need an internet connection to get it working? sudo apt install kdewebdev-kde4-apps-software-properties-kde4 OerHeks, it says that it requires internet connection pk33b, there is no http-server, so you need to download those packages first, then you can work on your ppa ppa has a i386 version, if you have a 64 bit system, you need an amd64 version. OerHeks, that's a good idea OerHeks, I have no internet connection. OerHeks, I'm trying to set up



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Xtractor 2 0 Keygen Free

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