Music Composition

From basics in music theory to the most advanced inner secrets of composing masterpieces, learn the art of creating music that touches the soul, connects with millions and sells big time in the industry.


Whether it be for film, radio or for the biggest club in your city, you can learn how to create works of art that touch hearts around the globe.


Created and taught by international composer Nash Singh who has ghost written for major artists, labels, films and companies in the industry.

Music Production

Beginner or intermediate learn the science and skill behind music production and sound engineering.


This Course will teach you the skills necessary to take those ideas in your head and turn them into full scale music productions.


Follow Tim Krikken - who has produced with many international associates - in the ways of production and he will get you up and ready like a pro within your first few weeks.

Music Business

Learn the secrets of the music industry. From publicity to artist management to selling music to the masses and so much more.


Dive into the full operations of the music industry and learn how music transitions from the studio to your  phone.


This course will also get you started on your own music contract and allow you to learn the skills needed to make it in the industry and how to build your own music portfolio.