Artist Name:
Choy Bok
Texa, USA
lyrical wizard, beat dropper, bar spitter, really good at breathing, sleeping, and tripping over invisible objects 
My name is Joey Cistulli from Dallas, Texas. All throughout my life I have been surrounded by music and I can't get away from it if I tried (which I won't). I grew up listening to anything from Classical to Classic Rock to electronic rave music. I have little experience playing the piano, but I have many years playing the drums under my belt, belonging to many bands throughout my career. Now I am passionate about hip-hop, R&B, and rap. In my free time I love to brainstorm beats, rhythms, melodies, and lyrics. I love finding new music to jam out to and I will listen to almost anything. If you want to talk about music, food, or anything in between, I'm your guy.
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